Paris Secrets

If you are planning to visit, or you are already living in Paris, you are must probably wondering… what are the Paris Secrets ? The anedctotes, the stories, the secrets of the City of Lights.

Well, there are so many surprising facts in Paris. Its history and culture is so rich, that you can be overwhelmed. Among so many infos, we picked up our top 3 of Paris Secrets :

  1. The Eifel Tower. It has 1669 steps and when the Nazis invaded Paris during World War II, the Parisians did not want to grant Hitler a view of their beloved metropolis from the Eiffel Tower. The lift cables were cut in secret. With such a daunting number of steps to climb, Hitler refused to take the steel stairway up to the top.
  2. The Bridges. There are 37 bridges in Paris, the oldest one being called “Pont Neuf”, literally “New bridge” ! Henri IV – yes, the king known to have so many lovers – ordered it to be constructed in 1578. Twelve arches, 384 ‘mascarons’ or grotesque faces decorating the cornices and the equestrian statue of Henri IV, of course, the first to be placed on a public thoroughfare, make the bridge instantly recognizable.
  3. The libertinage was invented by a mathematician ! You wouldn’t suspect that, but is true. Paris is famous for being the born town of libertinage : a person, especially a man, who freely indulges in sensual pleasures without regard to moral principles. The inventor was Pierre Gassendi (1592-1655), mathematician and priest ! He was probably getting bored with his job…

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